UnchartedX Egypt Tour Exposed

Ben van Kerkwyk runs the popular YouTube channel, UnchartedX. He is renowned for long-form deep dives into ancient civilizations and technology. As part of his research, he runs tours of ancient Egypt. As you will soon see, this tour covers all the iconic sites you’d expect, but also many lesser-known, and private, invitation-only sites as well.

Should you go on the UnchartedX Egypt Tour?

Let’s find out. Today we will review, and unpack the highlights from the UnchartedX Egypt Tour run by Ben van Kerkwyk from UnchartedX, the Snake Bros, and Yousef Awyan from the Khemit School in October 2021. The UnchartedX Egypt Tours are run once or twice a year. Subsequent tours in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 continue to update and refine the experience.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour 2021 by Ben van Kerkwyk and Yousef Awyan

Why go to Egypt?

I was originally planning to go to my life-long dream site Machu Picchu, Peru after they reopened, but they kept shutting down areas and adding restrictions. I stumbled across one of Ben’s YouTube videos in October 2021 where he mentioned that due to cancellations, there were openings on his upcoming UnchartedX Egypt tour. That was ten days before I’d have to leave.

I was always curious about the pyramids, but it never crossed my mind that I would ever have a chance to go there. After a few days, I bought a refundable ticket on Qatar Airways to fly to Egypt while I decided if I really wanted to go. That left seven days to go.

Qatar Airways banner and logo

After a mad crunch to plan for the trip and buy a bunch of stuff from Amazon, I tried paying for the tour with four days to go. Citibank kept rejecting the charge, saying they fixed it two times and blaming the merchant once. It never worked, and with three days to go I had to use Wells Fargo and lose out on some reward points. That worked fine on one try.

Who goes on these Egypt tours?

The purpose of this tour was to see evidence of ancient advanced technology. To see the known construction method of the dynastic Egyptians, and compare it with the unwieldy large, multi-ton, megalithic stone construction. Did the Egyptians really build the pyramids or did they inherit them from a prior civilization?

You can thank the YouTube algorithm for feeding these alternative history videos to the vulnerable. Then flooding them with complementary channels for confirmation bias. This may explain why there were 30 guys on the tour and 4 wives who got tricked into coming along.

We covet what we see every day.”

— Dr. Hannibal Lecter
egyptian explorer like indiana jones
YouTube Egyptian Explorer

There’s a fascinating TED talk by Graham Hancock on ancient history that got me started down this rabbit hole. Then came Jimmy Corsetti at Bright Insight, Brien Foerster at HiddenIncaTours, and more recently Ben from UnchartedX.

After consuming hours and hours of videos, I wanted more. This is the result.

Flight from San Francisco to Egypt

Getting from San Francisco, CA to Cairo was a journey in itself. 15 hours to get to Doha, Qatar for a 12 hour layover, then another 3.5 hours to get to Cairo. About 30.5 hours just to get to the start of the tour.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour Part 1

There’s a lot to cover on this trip so it’s broken up into four parts. This is part one.
Right away we hit some large pyramids and stooped / climbed into the inner chambers. Then after a stop at the museum, we flew to Luxor to see the sights there.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour Part 2

The next part of the UnchartedX tour took us on a Nile Cruise for four days. We stopped at a couple ports along the way to see some temples.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour Part 3

From Aswan, we flew back to Cairo to tour more nearby sites.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour Part 4

They saved the best for last, the Giza plateau and the three famous pyramids: Mo, Larry, and Curly. There was an optional one day tour extension to go to Tanis, which was well worth it.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour Bonus

Other shots of Egypt and the trip home just for completeness. Feel free to skip, lol.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour Review

After seeing Ben’s videos on the pyramids and ancient technology, I knew I had to check it out for myself. While I like to plan my own trips, Egypt is complex and some sites are by permit only.It’s also a refreshing change and relief to have someone else worry about the transportation, tickets, meals, and handle all the unexpected problems that come up.

With Ben’s tour, being in the company of like-minded individuals is a plus. We all passionately want to experience the same things and it was fun to share finds and observations with each other.

It’s one thing to watch videos. It’s another to experience in person: to gaze at massive pyramids, crawl passageways, feel the vibrational resonance, and touch the ridges of tubular drill holes. Truly amazing.

Ben and his Egypt crew are well organized and come with security, water, snacks, and medicine. They make sure you see the good stuff – things you might miss on your own, and they explain the story behind what you are seeing.

it was a refreshing change to have someone else worry about the transportation, tickets, meals, and handle all the unexpected problems that come up.

YouTuber Bonus: After the trip, you can check out Ben’s videos of the tour to relive the experience and catch occasional glimpses of yourself in them.

Ben’s team delivered the once-in-a-lifetime experience I was seeking in Egypt. Highly recommended, and am hoping to get in on the Peru tour when it opens up.
Thanks Ben!

If you are interested in upcoming Egypt tours from Ben, the Snake Bros, and UnchartedX see Ancient Sites Tours Schedules.

Khemit School Review, Yousef Awyan Review

Most Egyptian guides simply regurgitate what you can read in books – it’s boring and something you can do on your own. Yousef Awyan is a master stone mason and offers the perspective of someone with hands-on knowledge. It’s practical insights that you won’t find in the library. Yousef is the second generation of Khemitology with many interesting stories from growing up in the shadows of the great pyramids.

To see the Egyptian statues and temples is amazing in itself, but to have Yousef fill in the how and why things were carved and shaped, and their meanings add another dimension. Even during the down times when most would just rest, Yousef brings out his Egyptian flute to entertain and add to the ambience.

Yousef’s passion is insane. We went to the Luxor museum, and he’s been there many times before, but there he is studying the artifacts and taking photos like a tourist. He says he learns something new every time. What guide does this?

Suffice to say, Yousef from Khemitology Tours is the best guide to have on your Egypt tour.

Mo Taha, our tour coordinator, is a master organizer, planner, and expediter that makes sure everyone on the tour has a great time. He’s also the medic, pharmacist, and currency exchange, too. Our tour was amazing and the flights, hotels, river cruise, tickets all went smoothly.

UnchartedX Egypt Tour Epilogue

This was a trip of a lifetime for me, and this UnchartedX Egypt Tour was definitely worth it. If you’ve been thinking about a trip to Egypt, I highly recommend you go for it.

What’s next? Hopefully Machu Picchu opens up fully soon. I’m also interested in seeing Gobekli Tepe, Karahan Tepe, and Derinkuyu in Turkey. I’m also wanting to touch the KT Boundary in Gubbio, Italy – This is why humans exist today.

If you’re heading to or are thinking about Egypt or have any questions, reach out to me.

Now, if you are serious about going to Egypt check out these Egypt Tour Tips and Tricks

Finally, I’ll leave you with this gem. It’s an amazing, well-organized, and well-presented overview by Ben UnchartedX on the evidence to rewrite the great story of human history.

Evidence to Rewrite History by UnchartedX at After Skool

Thanks for staying until the end. Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.


    1. Hi Nancy,
      As far as the places that are covered, both tours go to the same places. Both partner with Khemit School for the tour logistics, and they have everything running smoothly. You will not be disappointed either way.

      For the differences, and this part may change, but check out the itinerary details.
      For example Brien’s last tour did not include the Nile River Cruise – so you’ll be on the bus instead. Also look at the private access tours – Brien Foerster’s tour included a Sphynx enclosure option.
      Next, there are different Khemit people who co-host the tours. Yousef Awyan is master of the stone, and your best choice.
      Finally, on Brien’s tours, he does have some evening slide show presentations.

      My impressions are that Ben’s tours are a bit more fun and informal. Brien’s got more experience and the deep knowledge from writing many books. They are both excellent and you’ll have an amazing experience either way.

  1. I’m thinking of doing this tour in 2023. The 2022 tour is sold out. Can you comment on a couple of things for me?
    1. This tour covers a lot of ground. Is there time to dig into questions with the guides as you go or are you shuffled along in order to keep on schedule? In other words, is the goal to cover the most ground or to dig into the things seen?
    2. Are there morning or evening Q&A sessions, lectures or other types of information sharing beyond the tours?
    3. Would you say this tour is designed for the scientist, the engineer, the technician or the layman?

    Thanks for the review! Very informative.

    1. 2023 is good, also get on the 2022 wait list : The UnchartedX one, as it has more special permission sites. The last thing you want to do is to spend a lot of time and money to get to Egypt then skimp on the good stuff – the places that you could never get to on your own.

      1. There is tons of time to ask questions. Firstly each site is huge and there is ample time at each site. You can choose to wander off on your own or hang near one of the guides as you wish. Choose Yousef if you like masterful storytelling and insights. Choose Ben if you want technical analysis and critical thinking. Choose the professor / academic guide, if you want the textbook history and hieroglyphics meanings.

      Personally, I wandered a lot so I could see the things that interested me at my own pace, and stayed with guides when they were talking about something that I wanted to know more about. It’s all your choice.

      2. There was no formal Q&A sessions or lectures, aside from the initial meet and greet. You can sit with the guide of your choice at dinner if you want. I found though, that talking with other guests was also very interesting. It’s a unique dynamic to be in a group with like-minded ancient Egypt enthusiasts, with each person having a different background and a unique viewpoint. There will be various experts among you.

      3. This tour is designed for people who are interested in ancient Egyptian technology. There are scientists, engineers, technicians, and laymen on the tour – that’s secondary. Some engineering-types bring tools that measure the precision construction. Others just want to see and experience these wonders of the world. As I mentioned, because the sites are large, each person can focus on what aspect they are interested in.

      The tour isn’t for people who want to know about the current culture, arts, shopping / bazars, foodies / restaurants, night life. There isn’t time for all that. And you should be comfortable walking 10,000 – 15,000 steps per day.

      Thanks for your comment, and let us know if you have any more questions.

  2. Hi Alex,
    Really enjoyed looking at all your pictures and reading your most informing tips and comments.
    I am on the 2022 tour with Ben, so found it all incredibly useful. I even followed your advice and ordered some sun cream off Amazon. Thank you kindly.
    Best Wishes
    Jon ( from Wales, UK )

    1. Hey Jon,
      Thanks for the message, I hope you enjoyed Egypt as much as I did and took tons of photos. The ancient architecture in Egypt just boggles the mind.
      Next stop – Gobekli Tepe or Machu Picchu?!

  3. This was very complete and informative. I am planning on going on the 2024 Feb trip. I am planning on traveling alone (never ventured across the globe alone before) Do they do a good job of accounting for all members of the group?

    Another question is laundry. Are there places to do laundry on such a long trip?

    thank you,


    1. Thanks Brian, good luck with your trip, you’re sure to experience many mind-blowing moments.

      Everyone is taken care of, and no one is left behind. Some of these sites are massive. About 2/3 of the people stick with the guide and listen to all the stories. The rest of us wander off to explore on our own. The group lingers near the exit to give everyone time to do their thing and rejoin. Once we had to wait for 10-15 minutes for a wandering couple, while we sent out some scouts to go find them.

      For laundry, all the hotels have laundry service. Check the itinerary for places you stay for multiple nights. That’s your opportunity to drop a load off when you arrive and get it back the next evening. You just need clothes to last between that, plus spares (or shampoo in the sink). I think I brought 7 days of clothing and spare underwear. Also, plan to buy some souvenir shirts along the way to supplement your wardrobe and support the local economy.

  4. Went on the 2023 tour…. excellent! You must enter Egypt with at least 30 Cipro antibiotic tablets! You will get several parasites that will destroy your vacation … nuke ’em with Cipro!

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