Nile Cruise Ship Alyssa Tour

Thu, Oct 21: Luxor, Egypt

Boarded the Nile cruise ship, Alyssa, for four nights. I’m not a huge fan of cruise ships, it’s like being stuck in a hotel on the water. It turned out ok, as the alternative was being stuck in a bus driving in the desert.

Alyssa Nile Cruise Ship Details

The Alyssa Nile cruise ship has 66 rooms total. We has 30 some-odd folks with many people sharing a room. From that math you can see that there was other people on the cruise ship besides our group. That worked out fine though.

We will be sleeping on the ship for four nights total. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is included. After a while, all meals will start tasting the same. The ship is stable, and you won’t feel any rocking or uncomfortable movements. Be prepared for some loud clanging though, as the ship navigates through two locks late at night.

Our Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan Route

Our UnchartedX Egypt Nile Cruise will go from Luxor to Aswan making a couple stops along the way at the Temple of Horus at Edfu, Temple of Sobek at Kom Ombo, the relocated rock-cut temple of Abu Simbel, islands on the Nile River: Elephantine Island and Temple of Isis on Philae island. It’s a comfortable way to tour the area rather than traveling by bus and checking in and out of hotels along the way.

TIP: If you get tired of Boat Food, make your escape when the ship docks at Aswan. There’s a McDonalds a very short walk from the dock.

As described in your tour guide packet, you can arrange for a room upgrade if desired. That’s described in more detail at the bottom of our Egypt Tour Tips and Tricks page.

To learn more about our cruise ship, see the Alyssa Nile Cruise page.

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