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Wed, Oct 27: Saqqara, Egypt

The Step Pyramid (also known as The Pyramid of Djoser) is a 6 tier structure that was allegedly built during the Third Dynasty for the Pharoah Djoser. It went through a 14 year restoration period, opening to the public in March 2020. We were lucky that our UnchartedX Tour go to enter the Step Pyramid interior.

Before the Step Pyramid there is a very small museum showing off some of the finely crafted stone bowls and jugs that were found under the pyramid. It also has a mummy with long toes. More examples of the of the precision Saqqara stone jars can be found in the Egyptian Museum.

What’s in the Step Pyramid?

In the center of the step pyramid is a cavernous space with large stone blocks piled at the bottom. There’s also multiple levels of tunnels under the pyramid that you can tour, including the area where the 40,000 stone jars and bowls were found.

My theory is generational entitlement. Like today, the oldest generation had to struggle to survive and had a high work ethic to make things easier for their kids. The subsequent generations grew lazy and entitled and had no desire to work hard. Thus their work is substandard in comparison.

Ben UnchartedX has a video of what’s under the Step Pyramid.

Do you find it strange that the highest precision bowls and jars have been dated as the oldest, while the rougher, easier work is done later? Why does the work go from best quality to worst? Let us know in the comments below.

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