Abu Sir Dinner and Perfume Shop Tour

Tue, Oct 26: Abu Sir, Egypt

After an amazing day touring the sites at Abu Sir, it was time for a relaxing dinner in the evening and a visit to the perfume shop.

We had a decent BBQ meal on the rooftop of a building. There was lots of space to lay down and some of us took the opportunity for a short nap. We were just in time to see the sunset over Abu Sir. The view was spectacular.

Visiting An Egyptian Perfume Shop

After dinner, we were shuttled to a perfume store. It’s another “required” stop for all tour buses, along with the papyrus shop. I found it rather entertaining.

The owner was projecting his voice like he was doing Shakespeare in the Colosseum. Impressive. Maybe this is his day job?

After plying us with coffee, tea, cake while listening to his spiel about flowers, farms, illegal medical claims for his essential oils, and rubbing 6 samples on our hands, wrists, and elbows. we finally got to the bottom line. $75 for a 100ml bottle, the TSA limit.

He’s also got a special on bigger bottles, 250ml and 500ml(?), which I don’t get. You can’t even get though Egyptian airport security with a small bottle of water. I suppose if you’re the type to check bags everywhere, then it’s ok to pack in your luggage. If you only do carry-ons like me, you’ll have to pay for them to ship them to your home.

He claims you only need to use a few drops of his essential oils at a time as they are so powerful they can last up to a year. Then, why the big bottles? Should I be passing them down the family line for the next 2000 years?

After our perfume store oratory presentation, there was a nut street vendor waiting for us outside.

I bought some of the sketchy peanuts and corn nuts. I figured the peanuts in the shell were relatively safe. They were pretty tasty and I didn’t get sick, but I also didn’t press my luck by finishing the bag.

If you are interested in aromatherapy, see essential oils for yoga.

Part of the Ben UnchartedX Egypt Tour

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