Abu Ghorab Unexplained Tool Marks Tour

Tue, Oct 26: Abu Sir, Egypt

Abu Ghorab, near Abu Sir is closed to the public. By special permission, we were toured this site which is loaded with ancient tool marks. It’s one of my favorite sites because of the variety of stone types and tool marks. It’s also known as: Abu Gorab, Abu Ghurab, Abu Gurab.

I suspect it is closed because there isn’t a huge temple at the site. But for those who aren’t simply looking for the window dressing, the Abu Gorab site has a wealth of artifacts and tool marks to inspect and ponder over.

Is Abu Ghorab Worth a Visit?

Yes, this is one of only two Egyptian sun temples found and for the sheer number of artifacts with ancient tool marks. There’s more tube drill holes in one location than anywhere else in Egypt. There’s also precision flat surfaces and circular saw marks. All this in a variety of stone types such as Aswan pink granite, black granite, limestone, alabaster, and quartzite. Finally there is a stone here that rings.

After touring the site we went for a catered meal in Abu Sir for a sunset dinner.

A video walkthrough of Abu Ghorab in this Ben UnchartedX Abu Sir livestream.

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