The Lost City of Tanis Tour

Sat, Oct 30: Tanis, Egypt

Tanis was an optional one day tour extension, three hours drive from Cairo. Originally it was slated to be Tanis and Bastet, but due to time constraints, we simply spent more time at Tanis. This tour cost $350 / double occupancy or $430 / single.

The city of Tanis was mentioned in the movie Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark as a possible location for the Lost Ark of the Covenant. I looked but did not find it there.

While some of the best pieces were taken away and put into museums, some pieces remain that give hint to the size of the statues that were once here. Much of the large stone fragments are made from red granite from the Aswan Quarry which is over 600 miles (1000 km) away.

Is the Tanis Tour Extension Worth It?

For those that can’t get enough of Egypt, yes, this is another amazing place to visit. There are fragments here that suggest that massive statues and columns were once here. The large foot block would be from a statue much larger that the Colossi of Memnon. About half of the group signed up for this meaning the bus is that much roomier. For me it was worth it.

That said, it is a three plus hour bus drive there each way. Tanis is in ruins, and there are no temples or any significant complete statues. The best statues and obelisks are gone. For those who don’t want to spend six hours on a bus, you might consider returning to the Giza plateau for a closer look there. For example, entering the chambers inside the Middle Pyramid or the Menkaure Pyramid.

For more info on Tanis, see this UnchartedX Tanis video.

Part of the Ben UnchartedX Egypt Tour

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