Oddities Within The Lahun Pyramid Tour

The amazing Lahun Pyramid (Al-Lahun Pyramid), also known as the Pyramid of Senusret II, features unique design and construction techniques. Located near the Faiyum Oasis, the Lahun Pyramid is known for its intricate entrance and pathways, and the concealed location of the burial chamber. Check out the curved stone ceiling and arched doorways inside Lahun.

The precision Lahun Pyramid granite box is also different, having a lip extended around the perimeter. Like some other pyramids, there were bats in the inner chambers.

Unique Lahun Pyramid Construction

The Lahun Pyramid was a regular smooth-sided limestone pyramid over a mudbrick core. Most of the limestone casing stones have been taken away, leaving the weather-worn mudbrick we see today. While the outer appearance has lost its glory, the inner pyramid remains amazing.

An unusual design feature is that the pyramid entrance is on the south face, not the north, like most others. Inside is a maze-like set of corridors and passages that lead to the burial chamber.

Thu, Oct 28: Faiyun, Egypt

Inside the Lahun Pyramid Burial Chamber

As mentioned, one of the cool features at Lahun is the curved stone ceilings. Check out the precision joints in the walls and the ceilings. The odd thing though, is the granite box is tilted, and no one really knows why. The box also has wide lip around the top.

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