Exploring the Meidum Pyramid Resonant Frequencies

Thu, Oct 28: Faiyun, Egypt

Located near the fertile Nile vally in Egypt, the Meidum Pyramid was originally conceived as a step pyramid. Later it was modified to create a smooth-sided structure, but the casing collapsed.

Age-wise it sits between the Step Pyramid and the Great Pyramid. It was constructed in the 4th Dynasty under Pharaoh Sneferu.

Does the Meidum Pyramid have Acoustic Properties?

In particular, within the stone sarcophagus, what does that sound like? You asked, and we hopped in to test this theory out. No bats were harmed in this experiment.

As one would expect, being in a stone box in a stone chamber reflects sounds like crazy. When singing tones at the resonant frequency, you body vibrates. The question is, was this resonance by design?

Hello, Is this thing on???

Meidum Pyramid Tour Review

Meidum is a rather crude pyramid with crudely cut stone. Nothing like the more artistically cut curves in the Lahun pyramid nearby. The bat-infested chamber contains an intact granite sarcophagus. A few of us went in to lie down and experience the resonant sounds. That made it well worth the trip.

Now, check out the older step pyramid to see if Meidum was a step forward or backward from that.

What are your thoughts about the Meidum Pyramid? Let us know in the comments below.

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