The Strange Osirion Private Tour

Wed, Oct 20: Abydos, Egypt

The Osirion Temple (or Osireion) is a seemingly out of place, megalithic stone building located behind the Temple of Seti I in Abydos, Egypt. We had a special access via an UnchartedX private tour.

The odd part is that the Osirion temple is well under the ground level of the Seti I temple. This, combined with the two totally different construction methods begs the question…

Map of Osireion

Who Built the Osirion?

Nobody really knows. Did Seti I decide to dig down behind his temple to create the Osirion using a different building technique of megalithic stonework and no hieroglyphs?

OR, was the Osirion build by an earlier civilization at their ground level, and was covered by sand and sediment over time? Did Seti I discover the Osirion and built his temple next to it?

This is one of the smoking guns for the case of an ancient advanced civilization.

How Old is the Osirion?

The Osirion Temple is at least 3300 years old, which is the age of the Temple of Seti I. If you believe the Osirion was originally built at ground level, the amount of sedimentary layers would suggest an age closer to 10,000 years old.

Consider that Seti I built an entrance tunnel from ground level down to the Osirion. This passageway is covered in hieroglyphics. Then suddenly everything stops at the Osirion entrance and changes to massive stones with no hieroglyphics.

Where is the Osirion Located?

The Osirion is located behind the Temple of Seti I in the city of Abydos in Upper Egypt about about 200 miles north of Aswan. You can see the exact location on the Osirieon at Google Maps.

Want More?

The large megalithic block construction at the Osirion is similar to the what can be found at the Khafre Valley Temple on the Giza plateau. Were they built by the same people? Check it out and let us know what you think.

If you want to see more of the Osirion, see the YouTube video Ben UnchartedX: Exploring the Mysterious Osirion

Part of the Ben UnchartedX Egypt Tour

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