Cairo Arrival for the UnchartedX Tour

Sat, Oct 16: Cairo, Egypt

Flew from Doha to Cairo (3 hours 25 minutes) on Qatar Airways.

What to do when you arrive in Cairo Airport?

Upon arrival into Cairo, the UnchartedX tour company representative will be holding a sign with your name as you enter the baggage claim area. There is an ATM machine there, and it’s a good idea to pick up some local currency, Egyptian Pounds. About $200 worth is a good start, but don’t worry there will be lots of opportunities to get more currency during the tour.

Your guide will escort you through the Visa Station to pay your $25 USD to get your Egypt visa – unless you have prepaid and already have one, like me. Next, you’ll get your luggage and head through customs.

Once through customs, it’s time to get your SIM card for your phone. More details on this is at our Egypt Tour Tips and Tricks. Finally, it’s time to exit the airport and begin your adventure.

Getting to your Hotel in Cairo

We got a ride in a small car provided by tour company to the hotel. The weirdest part is seeing the sights along the way to the hotel. There are random guys in business suits hanging out in the middle of the freeway at the divider. They also hang out on the side of the freeway, and on top of the buildings.

In some areas of the city there are many unfinished looking buildings – like the ends of the buildings are sheared off. The supposed story I heard was that the government charges a lot of taxes when a building is finished. To save money, the builder simply doesn’t finish the building.

We were supposed to stay near the pyramids, but the hotel cancelled, and unfortunately we got moved to a business hotel in the middle of nowhere. Decent enough place, just no where to walk to for a meal or snack. The do have Uber service here, so you can go out on your own if you want. I just stayed in the hotel to unpack and rest.

TIP: As your flight approaches Cairo, peek out the window and see if you can find any pyramids. I sawthe Step Pyramid, Red Pyramid, and Bent Pyramid.

The first day in Cairo ends with a Meet and Greet with the other members of the UnchartedX tour group, followed by a dinner in the hotel restaurant. Then it’s time to rest up for evening. The next day begins with the Khemit School Tour.

The Khemit School is the local tour company that handles all the tour logistics. Our guides were Yousef Awyan and Mo Taha. Learn more about our Egypt tour company, the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism

Part of the Ben UnchartedX Egypt Tour

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