Megalithomania Ancient England Tour Decoded

The folks at the MegalithomaniaUK YouTube channel offer seven day tours of ancient England. It includes Stonehenge and other stone circles, crop circles, churches and other mysterious ancient sites in the central England region. Today we are decoding the 2023 Megalithomania Mysteries of Ancient England Tour

megalithomania ancient england tour

Rediscover the Past in England’s Ancient Sites

Mysterious England invites you to embark on a journey to explore the captivating world of it’s ancient sites. From the iconic and enigmatic Stonehenge with its celestial alignment and spiritual energy, to large ancient white chalk geoglyphs etched into mountains like the Cerne Giant.

Stand among the megalithic stones at the world’s largest prehistoric stone circle at Avebury Henge. Step into the medieval Salisbury Cathedral, to see the world’s oldest working clock and the Magna Carta. Finally, see an actual crop circle up close from the inside!

Who goes on these Ancient England Tours?

England is one of the most travelled-to tourist destinations in the world. From bustling London, to pastoral country landscapes, to ancient henges, England has got something for everyone. And it’s an easy trip for Americans as English is spoken there.

There are other England tours with just Megalithomaniacs, however this particular one was a co-brand with Ancient Spirit Tours from Sardinia, Italy. They brought 17 people, with 1 person and myself coming from Megalithomania.

ancient england explorer
Ancient England Explorer

Additional Tours

As this was a one week tour, I wanted to add another week somewhere to make the long trip over more worthwhile. I chose to tour the Cotswolds in England with Evan Evans Tours, and Belfast and Dublin in Ireland through ToursByLocals.

Why choose this England Tour?

I first visited Stonehenge many years ago. When I arrived, it was like £12 to enter and walk a roped path around the stones, but for an extra £6 you could step over the ropes and enter stone circle. I did not like this nickel-and-dime upselling, so I just did the regular ticket. After returning home, I had regrets. I should have just paid the extra fee, because now it’s going to cost so much more to fly back there for that bucket-list experience.

By the time I was able to return to England, they closed off the stone circle access. You had to be a Druid visiting on certain days of the year to enter the circle for ceremonies. Fast forward to today, I was scanning the Megalithomania website and saw a special private access tour to the center of the Stonehenge stones. Finally, I had the opportunity to erase my biggest travel regret. That is why I signed up.

For you, no visit to Stonehenge would be complete without entering the circle. It’s like visiting the Egyptian Pyramids, and not venturing inside. Everyone knows it’s one thing to look at a photo versus looking at the real thing. There’s also a big difference between looking and being inside and experiencing.

Curious? Check the upcoming Megalithomania tours on the Ancient Sites Tours Schedules.

Who runs the Megalithomania Ancient England tour?

Hugh Newman, MegalithomaniaUK YouTuber, megalithomaniac, author, researcher, lecturer, and television host is a passionate expert on ancient civilizations and lives in England. You won’t get any better than that for an Ancient England tour.

Arianna Mendo and Enrico Gelain from Ancient Spirit Tours lead experiences in the Sacred Places of the Ancients. When I met Arianna she had a strong calming energy. Amazing. Would easily recommend going on tours with her company.

Megalithomania Ancient England Tour Part 1

The Megalithomania UK tour begins and ends at London’s Airport. My journey started in San Francisco on an Virgin Atlantic direct flight to London Heathrow Airport (LHR). I arrive a couple of days early and joined up with everyone back at the airport to begin the tour. Here are the places we visited.

Megalithomania Ancient England Tour Part 2

In the second part of our tour we explore more ancient sites, including the one everyone was looking forward to, private access inside the stone circle of Stonehenge.

Evan Evans: Cotswolds Small Group Tour

I arrived a day early for the Megalithomania tour, and having been to London before, I wanted to see something different. The Cotswolds is a quaint region in south-central England known for its collection of charming and historic villages. Much of the stone construction is from the beautiful, local, golden-colored Cotswold limestone.

I signed up for this day tour from London which went to three different villages, Bourton-on-the-Water, Bibury, and Burford.

Evan Evans Cotswolds Tour Review

Megalithomania Mysteries of Ancient England Tour Review

Having gone on a prior Gobekli Tepe Turkey Tour with Hugh Newman, I was happy to see this Mysteries of Ancient England tour show up on their website. The tour includes a room in a hotel in Amesbury and it’s all day trips out and back from there. Hugh drives the small tour bus himself. It’s a decent ride, and the small size helps to navigate the narrow roads necessary to get to some of the destinations.

As for the sites, Stonehenge is easily at the top of the best things to see on the England tour. While it looks impressive from a far, going inside the circle lets you experience the mystical energy caused in part by the sheer scale of some of the megalithic stones. It’s humbling to think that people have been in that spot for thousands of years, and for a long time into to the future.

The second most interesting site for me were the crop circles. Where else can you see and walk through these large, stunning, artistic, yet temporary masterpieces? We were fortunate to see two different designs, and it was challenging to imagine how these things were created

Third on the list is seeing the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral. Very fortunate to see such an old important document on display.

The rest of the sites were interesting, but not on a level that they are worth a trip on their own. Collectively though, they are excellent to show the variety of ancient and not-so ancient sites in England.

Going with the Megalithomania crew for an ancient England tour is a good move. Hugh lives in the area, knows where to go and where not to go. He has a wealth of information about all the sites.

Thanks for reading to the end of the page. I hope I have given you enough information to make an informed decision on whether or not to go on an Ancient England tour. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions – hit me up in the comment section below.

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