Investigating 2 Mystical Crop Circles in England

Crop circles, mysterious patterns appearing in farmer’s fields predominantly in the United Kingdom, have captivated the imagination for decades. Often the crop circles are large geometric designs which sparks debate on who or what created them.

During the tour, we got news of recently formed crop circle nearby and set out the following morning to check it out.

Tue, Aug 1: Alresford-Bramdean, England

Megalithomania Crop Circle Tour
Megalithomania Crop Circle Tour

Alresford-Bramdean Crop Circle

It’s difficult to find a spot to park because roads next to these crops tend to be single lanes only with no spot to pull over. We find a spot next to a locked gate where tractors enter the farm and park there. After a short walk through the wheat field we inspect the crop circle design up close. It’s a fancy eye ball. Who is watching who?

After about 45 minutes some old angry farmer and his dog comes yelling and screaming to get off his private property or he’s calling the police. Hugh slipped him some money to calm him down.

Thu, Aug 3: Andover-Hatherden, England

A couple days later we got another crop circle alert. This one was a simpler design with a bunch of connected circles. No farmers were alarmed or hurt on this expedition.

Megalithomania Crop Circle Tour
Megalithomania Crop Circle Tour in Andover-Hatherden

“Some see art, some see aliens, but everyone sees a mystery in crop circles.”


Andover-Hatherden Crop Circle

Again we drive around and find parking near the field. This time the design is much simpler with cruder construction. It still looks impressive from the sky. This time there is no farmer around to disrupt our visit.

Crop Circle Walk Through Video

Here’s a short walk through video of the Andover-Hatherden crop circle.

Andover-Hatherden Crop Circle

Megalithomania Crop Circle Tour Review

We visited two crop circle formations on our Megalithomania England tour. It was exciting to see, touch, and inspect the crop circles up close and personal. The first one was better constructed, and rather impressive. The second was much easier to see that it was man-made.

What or who made the crop circles we saw?

Some suggest crop circles fall into two categories, man-made and unknown. To me it seems that they are all man-made, it’s just some people are far better at the craft than others. I think they use some form of RTK (Real-time kinematic) or IPS (Indoor positioning system) to precisely position and create design elements on a large scale.

Now check out some real circles, stone circles, sarsen stone circles at Stonehenge.

What do you think about crop circles, are some of them made by something other than human hands? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Part of the Megalithomania UK Mysteries of Ancient England Tour

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