ToursByLocals Ancient Ireland Tour Unpacked

ToursByLocals is the “uber” for private tour guides around the world. Just pick a tour / tour guide and customize to your liking. This is my experience with them for tours around Belfast and Dublin, Ireland.

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Ancient Ireland Tour

Why choose ToursByLocals?

ToursByLocals connects you with Experienced Guides who are local to the area where you are visiting. In my case, Belfast and Dublin. They are the broker in the transaction to give you some assurance that you won’t be scammed, or at least have some recourse. And, since most of the guides will have ratings and reviews from prior clients, you can read up before selecting one.

ToursByLocals Belfast, Northern Ireland Tour

The most important site I wanted to see was the Giant’s Causeway, I found Pat on ToursByLocals for a 9 hour tour. I didn’t like some places on his posted agenda, so I used ChatGPT to restructure the tour. I prompted for an efficient 9 hour car tour starting in Belfast, including the Giant’s Causeway and other ancient stone sites, excluding modern renovated castles.

After several refining passes, I got the tour I wanted, including some lesser known, more run down sites. Just what I wanted.

ToursByLocals Dublin, Ireland Tour

After taking the Enterprise express train from Belfast to Dublin, I was ready to see the local sites. I chose Micheal for the first day, then Kevin for the second. The main change was to add in the Fourknocks tomb, that I wanted to see, partly because it’s kept locked and you have do drive to someone’s house to get the key.

ToursByLocals Ancient Ireland Tour Review

After a week on the Megalithomania Ancient England tour, I added another week to visit some ancient sites in Ireland. That included a flight from London to Belfast, the 2+ hour Enterprise express train to Dublin, and a flight from Dublin to London for the flight home. In retrospect, with better planning, I should have just flown home direct from Dublin. But then again, I did want to check out the Virgin Clubhouse lounge at London Heathrow.

Best site goes to the Giant’s Causeway. Very strange to walk on and around those rock columns. Then Kinbane Castle for the amazing rugged terrain with a couple of stone buildings to explore. Then Fourknocks for the opportunity to be amongst those rock carvings in peace.

Pat M at ToursByLocals

For the Belfast tour, Pat M. was an excellent driver and guide with a comfortable van. Always great to hear about an area’s history from a local. He had not been to Bonamargy Friary nor Kinbane Castle, so thank ChatGPT for making things interesting for the both of us.

Worked well at Giant’s Causeway where parking is a nightmare. Pat dropped me off so I could explore while he drove away and came back to pick me up.

Michael Fox, Boyne Valley Tours

For the Dublin Day 1 tour, Michael Fox: Hotel pickup and he was in the lobby on time, waiting with a smile.
Car is a comfortable, upscale sedan, which made travel a pleasure. Created an itinerary for things I was interested in seeing. Michael lives and grew up in the area, and had deep knowledge about the sites.

Michael was prompt, courteous, and professional, offering insights and relevant stories to make the day special. I learned about a lot of various topics including meditation labyrinths and tidbits on potato farming.

toursbylocals kevin

For the Dublin Day 2 tour, Kevin D. is a retired taxi driver but keeps his license up to date so he can drive in the bus lanes and bypass ordinary traffic. The cab has very spacious seating, which is a plus.

After chatting with him, he suggested Monasterboice high crosses, which was an amazing site. He’s follows American politics, more so than me, but still, it led to some lively conversations. lol.

Overall, Ireland has some interesting sites. There is more to see on the other side of the country, like dolmens, but things are spread out too much to cover everything in a couple days.

Thanks for reading to the end of the page. I hope you enjoyed the information here. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions – hit me up in the comment section below, or send a message via contact us.

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